one x 1,000,000 = change

"If I were organizing a mass march, I would keep playing 'bound for freedom', and more and more people would be inspired to join... come to think of it - let's start!" ~WICB, Ithaca, NY

5 - kilimanjaro

©2002 Sandy O, Pat Humphries
Moving Forward Music, BMI

What had been for 11,000 years
Ancient ice and snow
Is melting like 11,000 tears
Down the face of Kilimanjaro

Where time itself is frozen
Suspended in the air
Now the water flows
On Kilimanjaro
Damaging the essence
Of our atmosphere
Threatens our existence

Oh Kilimanjaro

Where the ocean
Meets the rivers and the bays
Watch their waters rise
Reclaiming what were drylands yesterday
Right before our eyes

From Tuvalu to Tonga
The shores of New Orleans
Venice to Jamaica
From the South Pacific Ocean
To the Gulf of Mexico
Flooding from the tears of

Oh Kilimanjaro

What will be in 11,000 years?
Will we be at all?
Will humans have realized our fears
Or will we heed this call?

We have burned our image
On the open sky
Squandering our privilege
Glacial ice is falling
Corporations lie
Covering and stalling

But we have seen you crying
We can finally hear
What we’ve been denying
We can stop the yearning
We can stop the tears
We are finally learning

Oh Kilimanjaro