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"If I were organizing a mass march, I would keep playing 'bound for freedom', and more and more people would be inspired to join... come to think of it - let's start!" ~WICB, Ithaca, NY

11 - i will be with you

©2002 Pat Humphries
Moving Forward Music, BMI

Our daughters took their mother's word
What they learned was what she'd heard
Voices buried deep inside
They never knew how much she tried
To blame me for her years of pain
Her father's sickness and disdain
All the love she was denied
She never knew her mother's side

You must be who you are
You will find your way through
Though you still fear the dark
Let love come to you
You can trust in yourself
And love yourself true
I will be with you

My mother gave her love away
Like coupons on a shopping day
Like a gambler with her wealth
She left nothing for herself
I did not want my mother's life
The loyal and resentful wife
When the call came that she'd died
I heard my mother's voice inside

I left my daughters' family
At 40 life was killing me
My mother died and showed me how
I could not be my mother now
I owed us both a second chance
To love myself enough to dance
Past the ghosts of both our pasts
And lead the way to love at last