Revolution Now

11 - Earned This Gray

@ 2009 Sandy O, Pat Humphries
Moving Forward Music, BMI

I'm no spring chicken, I'm not 22
you got a problem with that
I got a problem with you

I earned this gray
I earned this gray
Don't tell me I should wash it away
I earned this gray

I got my songs, I got my guitar
And I don't know who you think you are
Don't tell me I'm too old to play
You know, Mister, I earned this gray

Sure I got wrinkles, It's part of the deal
It's all me, And it's all real
Come closer take a look and see
I think they look good on me

I see you standin' there lookin' surprised
But you know, honey, you'd better get wise
'Cause if you're lucky, mayby, someday
You'll be like me and say, “I earned this gray!”