Revolution Now

8 - Still Here

(c) 2016 Sandy O, Pat Humphries
Moving Forward Music, BMI

But we’re dead, she said,
softly crying
No we’re not, I said, we’re still here
Take a breath, I said,
feel your heartbeat
Take my hand, my love. We’re still here
All our family have been lost at sea
But we have made it through
It won’t be easy to be refugees
But we will make it through

We’re still here, we're still here
I'm with you, my dear
We’re still here, we're still here
Ease your fear

But they’re gone, she said,
all my brothers
And their children. And their wives
Yes, it’s true, I said,
I can’t change that
But we’ll honor them with our lives
All our memories, we will carry
With each breath and each prayer
their faces we will never see
Still, they’re with us everywhere

So we'll stay, she said
slowly breathing
Yes we'll stay, I said
you and I
And we'll live, she said
slowly turning
Her face towards the open sky
All your hopes and dreams still live in me
As my dreams live in you
Our faith is deep, our hearts are strong
And we will make it through

I’m with you