Revolutions Per Minute

An electrifying soundscape of emma's revolution's characteristically "rousing and soulful" songs of social conscience, in settings from intimate acoustic to full-on funk. Featured contributors include Grammy-winning recording engineer, Charlie Pilzer, Raining Jane percussionist, Mona Tavakoli, and Doane Perry, drummer of the legendary rock band, Jethro Tull. "Y'all put the 'move' in movement" -- Joetta, GA. You can hear full tracks from RPM on our Reverbnation page @

10 - All the Colors

© 2010 Sandy O & Pat Humphries, Moving Forward Music, BMI
Written August 22-23, 2010

"Aunt Lorna, Art and Rita, we will always miss you."

All the colors wash together
I can’t see the one I wanted
Browns and yellows, dark now lighter
I can’t see the one

All the voices sound together
I can’t hear the one I wanted
Words and meaning fall like noises
I can’t hear the one

Is there one?
Is there one?
Just need one

All the answers drift like feathers
I can’t catch the one I wanted
Soft and fragile, thin and hollow
I can’t catch the one

All the reasons like the others
I can’t feel the one I used to
Friends and lovers cross in silence
I can’t feel the one