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14 - Occupy the USA

© 2011 Pat Humphries, Moving Forward Music BMI
Written October 6, 2011

"In spring 2011, a group of seasoned activists began to plan for a prolonged occupation of Freedom Plaza in DC. No one knew that the Occupy movement would spring up on Wall Street just weeks before. Inspired by a FaceBook post that read 'The US should invade the US and win the hearts and minds of the people," Pat wrote this to sing at the opening rally for Occupation 2011. We are singing it at Occupies wherever we go."

Welcome to the US Occupation
To win the hearts and minds
Defend all humankind
Tell the banks and the corporations
We’re here to occupy the USA

Congress and the Hedge Funds stole our houses and our pensions
Conspired to steal our healthcare at conservative conventions
We’re here to stand our ground we demand our jobs with justice
We’re 99% in charge
Now you’ll just have to trust us

Stop the XL pipeline in its tracks across the heartland
Reject the filthy energy extracted from the Tar Sands
Clinton and Trans-Canada exposed before the nation
Corruption forces us to organize
A new invasion

This occupation won’t be won with guns or ammunition
Armed with creativity and righteous indignation
We do all the work so we have the power to stop it
No workers, no work
Not until we share the profits

We support our unions and our right to organize
Students, homeless, immigrants are strengthening their ties
We have struggled far too long now let this be a sign
1% in power
Meet the other 99