Revolutions Per Minute

An electrifying soundscape of emma's revolution's characteristically "rousing and soulful" songs of social conscience, in settings from intimate acoustic to full-on funk. Featured contributors include Grammy-winning recording engineer, Charlie Pilzer, Raining Jane percussionist, Mona Tavakoli, and Doane Perry, drummer of the legendary rock band, Jethro Tull. "Y'all put the 'move' in movement" -- Joetta, GA. You can hear full tracks from RPM on our Reverbnation page @

6 - Rain

© 2007 Pat Humphries & Sandy O, Moving Forward Music, BMI

"Pat wrote this for the War Resister’s League Peace Awards Ceremony in 2007 where the Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition was being honored. The song was inspired in part by a book of poems of people imprisoned by the US Military in the originally makeshift cells at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba."

A single line of light
Down the wall, across the floor
Evidence of every passing day
I listen for the wind
A cricket or a bird
Anything to keep my fears at bay

The air is paralyzed
It cannot move beyond these walls
Imprisoned like my legs inside these chains
Stillness traps the stench
But I dare not hold my breath
I’m living for the coming of the . . .


It starts with just a drop
Then rolls along the seam
Then gathers in the corner of my cell
I come from arid land
Where water is like gold
It brings a drop of heaven to this hell

Dogs invade my sleep
The sound assaults my ears
And terror overcomes my ravaged brain
My body bears the beast
But I am far away
Clinging to the coming of the . . .

Reeling in the dark
Breathless on the floor
Wondering if I can stand again
Will I see my wife?
Will I hold my child?
Will this bitter nightmare ever end?

I am holding on
With all my human will
And every ounce of faith to ease my pain
My life may end today
But I have lived to know
The gift of freedom in the falling…