Revolutions Per Minute

An electrifying soundscape of emma's revolution's characteristically "rousing and soulful" songs of social conscience, in settings from intimate acoustic to full-on funk. Featured contributors include Grammy-winning recording engineer, Charlie Pilzer, Raining Jane percussionist, Mona Tavakoli, and Doane Perry, drummer of the legendary rock band, Jethro Tull. "Y'all put the 'move' in movement" -- Joetta, GA. You can hear full tracks from RPM on our Reverbnation page @

13 - Shelter

© 2010 Pat Humphries, Moving Forward Music BMI

"Written in the wee hours of the morning, Pat wanted to allay the sense of overwhelm Sandy was feeling from all the bad news. This is another song we recorded before having performed it live."

If I love you all my days
Would it be so strange
If it stood in sharp contrast
To all the bad news
Swirling round

We can take in just so much
We forget to touch
Then we pause for a moment
In the eye of the storm
There is calm

Let me be your shelter
You can come and rest
Let me be your shelter
You can come and rest in me

In the time that we have now
We are learning how
To seek sanctuary
Wherever we are
In this love