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4 - Stand Together

© 2011 Sandy O & Pat Humphries, Moving Forward Music, BMI
Written February 24, 2011

"When Wisconsinites took to the streets of Madison to oppose Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting, we got several emails asking us to come. Sandy wrote this song and we sang it for the demonstrating workers, both outside and inside the statehouse."

When the people stand together
Ain’t no power ever stronger
When the people stand together now
When the people stand together
Ain’t no power ever stronger
People stand together now

We teach your children, we plow your roads
We clean your office, we haul the heavy loads
We’re the workers who make this country run
We tend the gardens and the patients
We are families, friends and students
And we’ll stay here . . . until we’ve won

They’ve got their money, they’ve got their name
But we’ll no longer let them rig the game
And we’ll expose the unseen corporate hand
That keeps on taking and, in return,
Just wants more, it’s time for them to learn
This statehouse is our line in the sand

From Wisconsin to Ohio
Indiana and then who knows,
From Michigan to New Jersey’s shore
United, we will gather
For our families and our future
It’s our unions, it’s our lives we’re fighting for!