Revolutions Per Minute

An electrifying soundscape of emma's revolution's characteristically "rousing and soulful" songs of social conscience, in settings from intimate acoustic to full-on funk. Featured contributors include Grammy-winning recording engineer, Charlie Pilzer, Raining Jane percussionist, Mona Tavakoli, and Doane Perry, drummer of the legendary rock band, Jethro Tull. "Y'all put the 'move' in movement" -- Joetta, GA. You can hear full tracks from RPM on our Reverbnation page @

8 - Sun and the Wind

© 2011 Pat Humphries, Sandy O, Moving Forward Music, BMI

"We have performed at many concerts and marches addressing the ravages of mountain top removal and the need for cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. The solutions are all around us. We dedicate this song to the memory of activist Judy Bonds of Coal River Mountain Watch."

Oil in the water, ashes in the air
Poison in the food we eat and war is everywhere
Who we gonna look to, to fix this mess we’re in?
We got reach out to each other . . . and

The sun and the wind

Congress won’t support it, billionaires deny
We know the cost of mining, cheap coal’s a dirty lie
We can save our mountains from greedy, corporate spin
We can chain ourselves together . . . beneath

Here we are at the brink, before the final hour
Open your eyes to clean power

Shining down upon us, on every roof and tree
Blowing through the valleys from sea to shining sea
If anything will save us, anything my friend
We got to trust in one another . . . and