September 2008

"The People Speak" Radio

September 17, 2008 09:05.17 PM

We were just on air with Colonel Ann Wright, answering some great questions from our host, David Swanson and from listeners around the world, via the chat room and phone. David's a great activist writer and Colonel Ann is one of our supersheros. She resigned from the State Department on the first day of Bush's invasion of Iraq and her book, "Dissent: Voices of Conscience" includes stories of government insiders speaking out against the war in Iraq. Hear the interview online and hear the three of us live on Monday, Sept 22nd in Charlottesville, VA. Peace, Sandy

Where We'll Be

September 16, 2008 09:48.16 PM

In the next few weeks:

Festival in Mt. Rainier MD
Coffeehouses in Germantown, MD and Pawtucket, RI
County Office Buildings in Charlottesville, VA
Churches and Congregations in New York City and Garden City, NY
Concerts in Franklinton, Poughkeepsie and Clinton, NY
and Celebrations, including:

Chevron Trial Fundraiser 9/23. We're on the host committee for this event to support EarthRights International and the Bowoto v. Chevron Legal Team. ERI's 2005 landmark lawsuit victory against US-based Unocal Oil Corp on behalf of villagers in Burma inspired our song, Silent No Longer. Now ERI is taking their expertise to help fight Chevron's environmental and human rights abuses in Nigeria.

"The plaintiffs, with ERI as co-counsel, will present evidence that Chevron was complicit in gross human rights abuses committed against villagers who peacefully protested environmental abuses and other harm caused by Chevron's oil production activities. The protest took place at a Chevron drilling platform. Chevron paid and ferried members of the notorious Nigerian military and 'kill and go' mobile police to the platform in Chevron-leased helicopters and Chevron personnel supervised the operation. Two protesters were shot and killed in the brutal attack - including one who was shot in the back - and others were injured."

Hear about the upcoming trial and help raise $250,000. RSVP to Can't make the party? Make a donation instead!

United for Justice with Peace Concert 10/18. Join us in Watertown, MA for a concert to celebrate and benefit United for Justice with Peace, a coalition of 80 peace and justice organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region.

"Arts for Obama" Kickoff Celebration 10/3. We'll be coming to Purcellville, VA for this celebration concert at the Franklin Park Arts Center, part of the National Arts for Obama Campaign.

The progressive community is going to have to continue to put pressure on any candidate who gets into office. And of course, work right now to make sure that no candidate is "selected" into office, again. We need to expose the electronic voting fraud and demand equal access to voters for all candidates in terms of financing and media coverage.

We agree that we need to break the two-party stranglehold on American politics and do away with the archaic electoral college. But, it's crucial to have Obama in the White House and not the McCain/Palin/Bush crew. (Not to mention Rove, who's telltale style of manipulation is all over the spin these days.)

Speakers at the DNC addressed global warming, racism, diversity, abolishing the death penalty and poverty, and were solidly pro-choice at a time when Roe v. Wade is being threatened by the religious right, now personified by McCain's choice of Vice Presidential candidate.

We realize no candidate is perfect. We have concerns about candidates chasing the center. But we believe we could all have more influence in an Obama White House.

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"Barack" Wear

September 16, 2008 09:44.44 PM

To that end, we are launching our "BarackStar" shirts!

(Get it?)

The shirts are 100 % cotton, made in the US, no sweatshop labor. In black, with cool silver lettering that says "barack✩ / vote hope." In unisex tee, women's strappy tank and women's v-neck tee (not shown) styles.
A portion of proceeds go to the Obama campaign.

Thanks to Sarah and Kyla for modeling theirs the day after Obama's acceptance speech.

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Jobs with emma's rev!

September 16, 2008 09:42.27 PM

Thanks to the folks who responded to our "On the Road" position announced in our May e-newsletter. As we wrote to each of them directly, we received responses from people across the country and, for now, our idea has evolved into having folks in each region that we can call upon to join us at an event or on a tour in their area.

Now, we are looking for two new positions with the emma's revolution team:

Book emma's revolution! We perform more than 120 shows per year and we're looking for an organized, confident, responsible person to coordinate those appearances, so we can get back to singing and songwriting! Ablity to engage by phone and via email, negotiation skills and strong follow-through are a must. Sense of humor, always a plus. This is a paid position. Contact us at for more details.

Be our "Salaam, Shalom, Peace" tee guru! In the seven years since Pat drew the design on our shirts for the first peace rally in NYC after 9/11, we've sold (and/or given away) more than 20,000 of them. We hear from folks all the time about how the shirts spark conversations and connections. Help bring the shirts to a wider audience through coops, stores and organizations. Must be organized, responsible, good with people and with email. Sales and marketing experience, a definite plus. This is a paid position. Contact us at for more details.

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March on the RNC

September 16, 2008 09:23.02 PM

On September 1st, we flew out to Minneapolis/St. Paul to perform at the "March on the RNC To Stop the War," where, despite what you may have seen in the media, 30,000 gathered to demand an end to the war, an end to the Republican agenda and a reallocation of war resources back to housing, food and schools here at home. See photos and watch this clip from The Laura Flanders show, with us performing "Vote!"

What you probably saw in the media and what we saw in the streets of MSP for the rest of the week was exactly the opposite of those demands: pre-emptive raids on activist houses and organizations, a war against demonstrators peaceably assembling, the arrest of journalists, and a police state put into place to enforce the Republican agenda, thanks to a $50 million dollar allocation for riot gear and weapons, including batons, tasers, tear gas, pepper spray and concussion grenades, which police forces were not reluctant to use.

Activists we know agree that this was the most vicious policing they had seen at a national event. So much so that people were brutalized not just during arrests but after they were in police custody. At the end of the week, we attended the press conference of the RNC Welcoming Committee where we heard testimony from a young man who was hooded and put in stress positions while in custody. (Read the transcript at Democracy Now!) He was still limping as he walked off the stage.

We later learned that, after the sizable payouts they had to make for mass arrests and police brutality lawsuits after the 2004 Convention in NYC, the RNC had taken out a $10 million insurance policy to cover potential lawsuits in the Twin Cities. Many activists felt that this ending up giving the policing forces in the TC "license" to brutalize since the "penalties" were already covered.

One of the organizers for the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, which led a march on the last day of the convention, also spoke at RNC Welcoming Committee press conference. He asked, "Why are we being called violent? We were not the ones shooting rubber bullets and throwing concussion grenades."

Contact these government offices in the Twin Cities to denounce the police brutality, mass arrests and to demand that charges be dropped:
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman (651.266.8510)
Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher (651.266.9333)
County Chief Judge Gearin (651.266.8266)
St. Paul City Attorney John Choi (651.266.8710, john.choi@ci .stpaul
Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner (651.266.3222, RCA@co.rams us)
Governor Tim Pawlenty (651.296.3391, tim.pawlenty @state.
St. Paul Chief of Police John Harrington (651.266.5588, john.h arringt
And donate to the legal defense fund for individual arrestees and the RNC8 who need to raise $250,000.

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CodePINK at the RNC and . . . Ringtone!

September 16, 2008 09:17.53 PM

We also spent time at the RNC counterdemonstrations with CodePINK. From dressing as waitresses and handing passersby a bill for the war to disrupting Palin and McCain's speeches, CodePINK was a pink force for peace both outside and inside the convention. (Read and see more photos of CodePINK's actions at the DNC and RNC conventions.)

And, now, you can get an emma's revolution ringtone and support CODEPINK, at the same time. Put our song, CodePINK, on your cellphone! As CodePINK co-founder, Jodie Evans (pictured disrupting Sarah Palin's acceptance speech) said, "I can't wait for your phones to ring in Congress!"

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Peace Island Picnic at the RNC 9/4/08

September 16, 2008 09:14.14 PM

One of the highlights of the week for us was the Peace Island Picnic, the brainstorm of FBI Whistleblower, Coleen Rowley.

In 2002, Coleen was named a Time "Person of the Year" for her memo exposing how the FBI ignored warnings of 9/11. Since then, she has resigned from the FBI and taken up activism, including speaking on ethical decision-making, running for Congress in 2006, organizing regular bannering vigils on overpasses in the Twin Cities and this idea to celebrate peace through music with performers from the TC area and around the country.

Coleen had been introduced to our music by Retired US Army Colonel Ann Wright, another one of our supersheros! ( Come here Col. Ann with us in Charlottesville, VA on 9/22!). When Coleen wrote to invite us to perform at the picnic, she mentioned how well the chorus to "Who Lies" worked as a banner. We thought that was perfect, given that Pat had been inspired to write "Who Lies" after seeing a CodePINK banner which came from a United for Peace & Justice sticker with those words back in 2003. What goes around, comes around.

And speaking of round, "Peace, Salaam, Shalom" was the anthem of the day and we sang it as folks gathered to create this beautiful, human peace symbol.

Photos here.

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