August 2009

terror alert code scam? oh, dear!

August 20, 2009 10:49.02 PM

we're watching keith olberman and just heard about tom ridge's new acknowledgement that he "wondered" whether the bush administrations' so-called terror alert codes were deployed for political and not security reasons. imagine that!

check out what our favorite terror alert code busters, codepink are doing now on capitol hill and around the world and check out the song we wrote for their first national demonstration on international women's day in 2003!

Glam Your Tee!

August 15, 2009 06:25.59 PM

we're home for a bit and i've gotten a chance to catch up on some of the many emails we get! like one that we got from janine who heard us in bellingham, wa, and wanted to know how to glam up her "Salaam, Shalom, Peace" tee.

so, here it is!

enjoy and look forward to seeing you all at a show sometime soon.




-use the Tulip Iron-On Clear Crystals that come in a pack of 300 crystals in 3 sizes: (120) 3mm, (120) 4mm, (60) 5mm. you can order the crystals from lots of places, including the tulip website

or from

you will need all three sizes of crystals to create the curves in the arabic and hebrew lettering. you will need 2 or 3 packs (i can't remember, but hey, who doesn't need extra crystals around to add to something else?!).

-make sure you've washed your shirt before blinging (to get rid of any excess oils on the ink that could interfere with the glue on the back of the crystals).

-if you're not using an ironing board, put a piece of cardboard or greyboard between the front and back of the shirt so you don't inadvertently iron an impression of the design onto the back of the shirt.

-start with the english first: the letters are square and you just need to use the 5mm for those. lay down a small row of them and iron-on. repeat until you've covered the whole design of "PEACE."

-for the arabic and hebrew, you'll need to experiment with placing the variety of sizes to follow the script. again, work by laying out a small number of crystals to cover a piece of the design. iron that on, and continue until you've covered each letter. give it a try and you'll soon get a feel for matching the curves.


if you are blinging a unisex tee, you will need twice as many crystals. the 5mm crystals in the tulip 3pack are not big enough to cover the whole width of the lines of the design. you'll need to use two 3mm beads across.

or, you could order 6mm beads (i order them from an independent bling supplier i found on ebay, MrsEyeGuy). the 6mm are great for the english letters, but can be problematic for the arabic and hebrew b/c they are taller than the other crystals and when you press your iron down, only the 6mm iron-ons will have contact with the iron. so, you have to iron on the smaller ones (the 3, 4 or 5mm) first and then the 6mm. or you have to be very adept with the end of your iron and make sure you make contact with all the crystals. there is also a heat setting tool which you could get that would allow you to iron on each individual crystal, thus avoiding the height disparity problem. (when i first started working on these shirts, i thought this tool was totally over the top and ridiculously persnickety. i'm rethinking that now!)


i've washed my glam tee over and over and the crystals have stayed on! just turn the shirt inside out and wash in cold water, either by hand or using the gentle cycle.

if any crystals do fall off, you can replace with new crystals or, if you still have the ones that fell off, use a little superglue to reglue them.


And send us a picture to post on our flickr page!


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August 12, 2009 10:30.06 PM

hi, all. we're just back from the michigan womyn's music festival! had a great time and, after a week in the woods, we are now reacclimating to life in the metro DC area. WE HAVE THE NEW CD-- "We Came to Sing!" Holly Near with emma's revolution! click here to get your copy. peace, sandy