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April 13, 2010 04:02.15 PM

Buy "T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already?!)" here! After your purchase, we'll email you a link to download the song.

With Tax Day approaching, we thought you might be feeling like we are:

Perhaps you're tired of listening to the latest update on the Tea Party Express . . .

Perhaps you're fed up with how much press these fringers get compared to how many people they actually get out to demonstrate . . .

(You know . . . the Law of Inverse Proportionality . . . from high school math class . . . "y=k/x". Ah, yes! Ergo: 200,000 marched in the Immigration Reform rally on 3/21 and nary a word in the news.)

Not to mention, that people get arrested for wearing peace tee shirts in schools, malls or the halls of Congress, yet these folks show up armed and threatening the government.

Well, it's time we toot our own horn . . . or tuba, in this case . . . about them.

That's why we're releasing our latest song, "T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already?!)" today!

Click to hear the song, a hilariously scathing romp through those dangerous bozos' non-sense, complete with exuberant marching band accompaniment on drums, clarinet, saxophone, trombone and, yes, tuba.
Then, share the song with your progressive friends, send it to your conservative ones and email us the name of your local radio station or dj and we'll get them a radio-ready download that they can play on April 15th.



YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, I ran out of esses and exclamation points, but imagine a few more.)

Sandy O

bruce, thanks for the awesome comment! so glad you're loving the song. peace and ssssssss!!!!!!!, sandy

Hank Startrain

From Galveston, Texas ... I saw your YouTube "TEA" skit on and this song about Occupy US...well the lyrics were so "Right-On!" about the Corporate Dictatorship in America/Planet Earth. Great song! I absolutely love it! I'm sending an e-mail to everyone I know in the Liberal Democratic talk up the song/and Emma's Revolution is doing a great job...hope to see you in concert some in Rick Perry's banana dictatorship of Texas. Sincerely Yours, Hank Startrain, Folksinger/Liberal Activist,in Galveston, Texas. PS. The XL Pipeline is going to create a massive "Carbon-Bomb" here in the Houston-Galveston Bay Area..."It Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary!" Down with Big Oil & Dirty Coal! Down with the Jail Industrial Complex...Stop the Fusion-Centers/Evil Police in America!

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