May 2011

Donate to RPM: $40K in May!

May 05, 2011 12:58.02 PM

UPDATE October 25th: $20,491 Raised So Far!Thank you so much for your contributions! Since we launched this campaign, you've contributed $20,491. Your contributions funded recording of basic tracks with the band (mid-May), overdubs and recording of songs that didn't call for a band (mid-June), the mixing of the cd (end of July), photos (early Aug), mastering of the cd and recording of "Occupy the USA" as a bonus track (early Oct). We're almost done!! Final steps include graphic design for the cd cover & booklet, and then manufacturing so we can get the cds out to you! We anticipate final costs to be $6,700. So far, 311 people have contributed and pre-ordered "RPM: revolutions per minute." 268 more people pre-ordering RPM ($25) or 67 people pre-ordering The Guest List ($100) will cover it! Many thanks for your support!

See photos from the studio and the latest on the RPM campaign!!

We're recording our next CD and we'd love your support! Click the top button to choose your own donation level or the next two to choose one of our donation levels (scroll down for descriptions). Many, many thanks!!

Choose a donation level from the dropdown menu:

Choose Take the Cake!

To donate with a credit card over the phone call us at nine one seven-414-0287 or send a check or money order (payable to "emma's revolution") to us at PO Box 244, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.

$20 An Early Uprising Get a jump on the revolution with a pre-release download of the cd! (Notes and lyrics will be available on the website.)
43 people have donated at this level

$25 Hot Off the 100%-Recycled-Bottle Press Signed copy of the new cd shipped to you! (We'll be using the most sustainable CD packaging yet, including a CD tray made entirely from water and soda bottles rescued from the landfill or incinerator!)
190 people have donated at this level

For $50 and above, choose signed cd or download option with your level of support.

$50 Laugh Track People always say how much they love Pat's laugh. You'll get the signed copy of the cd, plus a studio recording of her gleeful outbursts to keep you amused or even use as a ringtone!
33 people have donated at this level

$100 Guest List Listen to the Laugh Track as you head over with two free tickets to the show of your choice. Bring your signed cd . . . we'll sign it twice!
23 people have donated at this level

$150 THX 2 U Signed cd, Laugh Track & Guest List all comin' to you. And when we see you at the show, we'll have you sign our copy of the new cd, right next to your name listed on our "Thank You" page!
10 people have donated at this level

$250 R-evolution of a CD Wonder what goes into the making of a CD? Get a glimpse through daily updates from the studio! We'll email a play by play, candid photo, video clip or rough track of a song-in-progress. (Naturally, you also get all the previously listed gifts.)
6 people have donated at this level

$500 Revolution in Real Time Bask in the glow of your computer screen while we serenade you via Skype, with two songs of your choice from the new CD. (Yes, we'll even give you the names of the top secret ones to choose from.) A sweet addition to the cache of aforementioned goodies already coming to you. (Other tech options available.)
1 person has donated at this level

$1000 In-House Revolution You get all the treats, plus we'll bring the revolution to you, with a house concert for your friends and family in your home!
2 people have donated at this level

$2500 Community OrganizER Now, you're bringing it to the masses! You get all the gifts up to Real Time, plus a public concert for your community!
2 people have donated at this level

$5000 Producer's Chair All the perks at the Community OrganizER level, plus a day in the studio to catch the recording action live!!
0 people have donated at this level

$10,000 This one takes the cake. Well, actually, the toffee! Producer's Chair, plus the house concert, plus a splendid dinner for two cooked by us (at your house), plus Pat's much-sought-after organic holiday toffee sent to you in December for the next three years!
0 people have donated at this level