January 2013

Aileen's Poem for Pat

January 31, 2013 11:12.28 PM

Aileen Vance
Posted on FaceBook
January 24th 2013
2:39am EST

Someone came up the dark street
This morning before daylight
Trolling for spot cash
For riches
For valuable items
He saw the box
Lying at a front doorstep
And snatched it on the run
Hoping for computers
Or jewels
Checks or expensive microphones
Anything he could cash in on
Not realizing the true value of his theft was in a worn notebook tucked into the side
Later that day
And all into the night
And all the next day and all the days that followed
Songs blew into open doorways
Serenaded workers on picket lines
Lovers by rivers
Eagles soaring the high drafts above the mountains
Women sewing 16 hour shifts in the factories
The nameless person who stole them was forgotten forever
But those songs danced out into the first light of day
And never turned back