• 09/14/2012
    The Capital Gazette
    Concert Sept 29

    "'Say Yes! to Marriage Equality and the DREAM Act,' a concert and benefit for the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland"

  • September 2012
    Benefit Concert for UULM with Emma's Revolution

    "The Civil Marriage Protection Act and The DREAM Act will be voted on by public referendum on the November 6th, 2012 ballot."

  • 2011
    New Deal
    Newsletter of American Federation of Musicians Local 1000
    Music to Occupy

    "Two days earlier, a Washington Post article had rightly declared 'Occupy Wall Street Inspires a New Generation of Protest Songs.' And this time, ours was one of the songs featured."

  • 2011
    New Deal
    Newsletter of American Federation of Musicians Local 1000
    Forever Wild

    "In Big Sky, musicians came from across the country to sing their songs and Walkin' Jim's . . . and to get a glimpse of the spectacular natural beauty that so inspired him. A glimpse that renews our commitment to work and sing to keep the wild places of this Earth forever wild."

  • Fall 2008
    The Peace Chronicle
    Newsletter of the Peace and Justice Studies Association
    Peace and Justice in Words and Music: An Interview with emma's revolution

    "Randall Amster recently spoke with Pat and Sandy about their travels, how they stay inspired in these troubling times, and the legacy of their anthemic songs."

  • 05/08/2008
    Kingston Times
    Dancing at the revolution

    "A tsunami of activism, a tidal wave for peace."

  • 10/29/2007
    Bill Hahn Program Notes: WFDU
    The Continuing Sock Shortage

    "Those of you who have heard me on the program over the years know that I refer to Pat as my favorite and best anthem writer to visit this planet in many a moon. Now she is multiplied by two."

  • 06/27/2007
    Chicago Free Press
    Out women artists offer soul and more

    "['Roots, Rock & Revolution' is] an album that is bound to stir up activist tendencies in all who listen"

  • 05/16/2007
    Everett Daily Herald
    Duo continues tradition of music with a message

    "Emma's Revolution stands out among those voices that deliver a nudge to our conscience and our sense of who we could be."

  • 03/01/2007
    Z Magazine
    Making Social Change With Music

    "Beyond progressive commentary, Emma's Revolution examines issues of our time the way the media should."

  • 12/01/2006
    Florida Today
    Emma's Revolution delivers a message of peace

    "A catchy melody and a Dixie Chicks-countryesque sound make ['Vote' a song] that'll leave a musical imprint in your ears and have you singing it for days."

  • Spring 2005
    Sing Out! Magazine
    Pat Humphries & Sandy O Are Emma's Revolution

    "emma's revolution is a revelation. These women focus their political passions in deftly-turned phrases and memorable melodies to testify for love, peace, equality and justice in that delicate balance exemplified by Pete Seeger: writing and singing rare and exquisite songs that teach but don't preach."

  • 10/01/2004
    Singer Magazine
    Indie Artist Showcase

    "Their new cd, One, is garnering attention all over the place . . .Their harmonies blend together perfectly. And it's clear through their lyrics; they are passionate about the message they hope to deliver to their growing fan base."

  • 12/01/2002
    Hope Magazine
    Singing to the Other Side

    "Folksinger Pat Humphries wrote a song that took twelve years to become an overnight sensation--a simple melody and a balm of words for painful times."

  • 05/22/2002
    'Swimming to the Other Side': The Evolution of A Modern Folk Anthem

    "The powers that be can control the media but it's hard to stop a good song... Pat's songs will be sung well into the 22nd century." Pete Seeger on NPR's "All Things Considered"