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"Fervent and heartfelt." The New York Times

""I've just previewed Revolution Now and I am simply stunned by its beauty, power and ferocity all mixed together with love and hope. Emma’s Revolution sings the soundtrack that will lift our spirits and give us the strength to fight for our rights. This CD is needed Now for the revolution soon to come. I love how your voices fit together in call and response and your enduring message of love for each other and our global community. This album is truly a record of this time and place and shines brilliantly through the darkness. Bravo!! Thank you for such an amazing and inspiring collection of songs, it's what music should be about." "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM Radio

"I consider myself very fortunate to have had the great pleasure and honor of working with Pat and Sandy over the last few years. Their music is natural and organic and their innate artistic sensibility has the power to communicate with intelligence, wit, grace, subtlety and humor. Their voices and guitar parts are interwoven tightly together like the textures and threads in a fine Persian carpet and their writing clearly reflects who they are........smart, sophisticated and deeply compassionate women with integrity, strength, style and a keen, observational eye for the world around them.

Pat and Sandy are the real thing........artists in every sense of the word.......great fun to work with and two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to know..........and darn good cooks too!

Doane Perry, drummer Jethro Tull and emma's revolution cds "roots, rock & revolution" and "Revolutions Per Minute"

"With gorgeous close harmonies and unsinkable tunefulness, Emma’s Revolution (the Emma is Goldman) is a classic, globetrotting folk duo comprised of activist singer/songwriters Sandy O and Pat Humphries. Their music is progressive, socially-conscious and shot-through with intelligence and cutting humor; [their songs have been] played for the Dalai Lama, covered by Holly Near and [they] count the great Pete Seeger among their admirers. Newest disc 'Revolutions Per Minute' is a front-to-back gem." Jim Musser, Iowa City Press-Citizen

"Great song! Y’all put the 'move' in movement." Joetta from GA, writing about "Occupy the USA!"

"Standout folk-rock" Dave Richards, in "Erie's Music Scene was Memorable in 2010" http://goerie.com

"You just made me put on 'Hammer' - the Pete Seeger song, as covered by emma's revolution - two way cool radical feminist life partners who also can sing like no one's business." By Chloe at http://www.feministing.com

“A year and a half ago, 100,000 of us gathered at the Seattle football stadium to see the Dalai Lama and 500 of us who rehearsed for several months to sing behind him sang your 'Peace, Salaam, Shalom.' I thought you'd like to know." A note handed to Sandy at our show on Whidbey Island, WA.

“'If I Give Your Name' is the best song, ever written, anywhere.” Phyllis Barney, Executive Director of North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance, 1995-2005

“This record is part of the worldwide revolution which will save this planet... these songs you’ll find yourself singing for the rest of your life.” Pete Seeger

"Some of the great songs of the past 25 years." Greg Artzner http://www.magpiemusic.com

"Across from the White House, we paused... We were arrested several hours later, having sung 'Peace Salaam Shalom' and 'All We Are Saying...' the entire time." Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

"I've heard music from Camp Casey to Maine and the best of it comes from emma's revolution." David Swanson http://warisacrime.org/

"The epitome of great contemporary political music." Sing Out!

"Justice and revolution blended with melody and linguistic suspense, even as the great ones do it: Dylan, Woody, Robeson, Baez." Richard Grossinger in "The Bardo of Waking Life"

“Emma's Revolution stands out among those voices that deliver a nudge to our conscience and our sense of who we could be.” The Daily Herald, Everett, WA

“An amazing CD of important social issues presented in a positive and upbeat format.” WLRN-FM, NPR in Miami

“Yet another inspiring and heartfelt collection to stir the activist in all of us. Sandy and Pat have a real knack for identifying our many struggles while showing us their connections and the ways we can work together to overcome them.” WORT-FM, Madison, WI

"Belongs in your heavy rotation!" The Advocate

"Congratulations on your release! CodePINK is cheering you on from DC to SF! Many thanks for the inspiration, voice, power, music & light you bring to the peace movement!" Much love, your CodePINK Sisters.

"The powers that be can control the media but it's hard to stop a good song... Pat's songs will be sung well into the 22nd century." Pete Seeger on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered"

"[Pat Humphries is] one of the finest songwriters of our times" Folk Song Society of Greater Boston

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about our live shows

"THANK YOU so much for coming to BVU. I can say, for me, the ACES (Academic and Cultural Events Series) program was one of the most powerful one I've attended since coming here in Fall 02. A number of students have approached me and commented on how much they enjoyed your performance, talking with you etc. Several in Environmental Ethics said it was the best class all semester!! We'll have to do this again. I've been enjoying your music everyday since you've left! I look forward to hearing more and keeping in touch with you both for years to come. Swasti Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion, School of Social Science, Buena Vista University

I think Emma’s Revolution makes a tremendous impact on those who are privileged enough to hear them perform. They are lighthearted, funny, witty, approachable, intelligent women with so many interesting stories and songs. I think that their voices are so important because they do not simply expect their audience to sit back and take in their music on its merit. They are willing to hear opposition, to discuss a difference of opinions. If society is ever really going to solve anything, we need to be able to communicate as openly with one another about our concerns, our fears, our intentions, and our future.Student, Buena Vista University

“It was a privilege to open for Emma's Revolution and sing a song with them," writes Pride Chorus member Juanita Reese. "There was a big turn out, and they are wonderful people - funny, inspiring - with good music." "Pride Chorus keeps on Singing" on Bent Alaska

“I wasn't around to hear Phil Ochs or Woody Guthrie in person, but I'm damn glad I'm alive to hear emma's revolution.” Gordon Clark, Clark for Congress

"Your concert really inspired us, and helped give us a boost to increase our own efforts to teach peace, to stand for peace, to spread the word. And that is why it's a good idea to preach to the choir!" Love & peace from 2 choir members in Ellsworth, ME.

“ABQ's still rocking from your visit, everyone from my 2-year-old nephew who keeps singing, "Oh, oh, Kilimanjaro" to folks I see at other events who tell me they've been playing your CD's nonstop since you left. Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you again.” Dair, ABQ

“We were moved to tears, fired up with hope, given a dose of peace and a charge to keep working for peace in 2008.” MJ & Jerry Park, Mt. Rainier

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about our workshops

"Nobody teaches songwriting better than Sandy O and Pat Humphries. They kickstart the beginner, challenge the veteran, and inspire personal expression. I'm pretty sure they could squeeze a good song out of a grapefruit." award-winning, Canadian performer Debbie Carrol

"Pat and Sandy are consummate crafters of songs: songs of deep emotion, songs with power and drive, and songs imbued with hope. At Augusta this year they shared a lot of their own music, but they also put real energy into fostering other folks' ability to craft lyrics, melody, and structure. Their students ranged from mid-teens to mid-life, and all of them got charged up and wrote great songs!" Flawn Williams, Coordinator, Vocal Week at the Augusta Heritage Center

"Thanks so much for the great music and workshops at Michigan. The Discovering Harmonies workshop was particularly delightful, great fun for all levels of musical abilityRissa

"Sandy O and Pat Humphries are extraordinary people. Superb teachers, excellent musicians."Participant at Circle of Music, weeklong summer workshop in Maine

"Bring back Pat and Sandy! I loved their workshops--especially, harmonizing and songwriting. They were really fun and informative; I learned a lot. They were very approachable and offered personalized help."And another participant at Circle of Music, weeklong summer workshop in Maine

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about "We Came to Sing!"

“Many of Holly Near's fans would agree that her collaborative works are among her finest, and this 2009 release is no exception - it's stunningly beautiful. These artists - Holly, Pat Humphries and Sandy O - deliver some truly gorgeous arrangements on their 3-part harmonies, at times sounding like a full choir. ” Ladyslipper Music

“Tender and daring a cappella vocal arrangements of some of Holly Near's most requested songs are paried with some of Emma's Revoltion's most popular songs and some new tracks that perfectly fit the three woman's voices!” Goldenrod Music

“Exciting three part harmonies and strongly political lyrics make this a 'must have' album!” Sue Goldwomon, Host of "Her Infinite Variety" WORT-FM Madison, WI