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  • From Dianne in AZ, 9/6/11:
    I went to work in Algeria and wore your peace tshirt for over a year. Some people told me I was insane as they would injure me with the Hebrew on there. No one did. Many people read it as I walked around the streets. Most smiled or said nice shirt or gave me the thumbs up or some such thing. One day I was walking home from somewhere and I noticed a man coming toward me. It was clear he was looking at my shirt. His lips were moving. He had on the long white outer wear and a long beard. As he came closer I heard him say - peace, shalom, salom. I stopped. He stopped. He looked down at his son about 7 whose hand he had and said, "Read that shirt. That is what we need." Then he looked at me. "You must be American. You tend to put your thoughts on t shirts."
  • From Joe in BC:
    Hello Emma and Hello The Revolution. Greetings from Roberts Creek. We thought of you two today as we watched the Canada Day parade in Sechelt. St. Hilda’s Anglican Church had a float that featured your recording of Peace Salaam Shalom, sung by you. Just so you know how far the tentacles go. So, among the 4 marching mounties, the newly established team of rollerblading women, the bagpipes, the vets from the Legion, the antique cars, the trucks of the Sechelt Fire Department, the real estate salesman waving a small hockey stick from his blue Camaro convertible, you were heard singing…
  • From Sandra in NY:
    hi ladies!!! i saw you a while back at my congregation, the uu of central nassau in LI ny. i bought some of your cds. i'm a teacher and i have taught the peace. salaam, shalom song to all my students. i wish you could have heard my pre-k class sing your song as part of their pre-k graduation. many little kids in harlem know your song!
  • From Lisa in Watertown, MA:
    I want you to know that I was wearing one of the T-shirts that you sell at your concerts a few weeks ago and walked into a variety store in Watertown, Ma. The man behind the counter who runs this store was very happy when he recognized the word of peace on this beautiful teal colored shirt with white letters. He and a number of the persons who work there are Muslim. It was really a great moment. I had forgotten that I had this particular shirt on. Your peace efforts are circling out! Thanks so much!
  • From Heidi:
    I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Peace, Salaam, Shalom has made its way to Kosovo! As a summer intern, I am currently involved with the Kosovo Youth for Democracy and Peacebuilding project, whose overall vision is to work towards achieving a greater social cohesion on promoting human rights, integration, and community dialogue among Kosovo civil society and young people. In June, our NGO led a workshop for 14 youth leaders of different ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 25, coming from different municipalities in Kosovo. These youth were selected by their respective Kosovo youth NGOs to attend this workshop, and particular emphasis was placed on deepening participants’ understanding of collaborative conflict resolution skills.

    As I interacted with the youth, I was moved and inspired by the efforts they are taking as individuals, and as NGO workers, to work for peace between the ethnic-Albanians and ethnic-Serbians within Kosovo. While conversing with them about the complexities that inevitably accompany peace work in any setting, it occurred to me to share your song with them. The youth loved it, and after listening a few times decided to replace the Hebrew and Arabic with the Serbian “mir” and the Albanian “paqe”. Then, they changed some of the cities in the original lyrics to the various towns in which they work. At the conclusion of the workshop, the youth, of different ethnicities, sang the adapted Peace, Mir, Paqe together and spoke of how meaningful it was to join in a common voice.

    My hope is that this story inspires you and fuels your passion as you continue your own peace work as educators and musicians! I look forward to the time when our paths will cross again.
    Peace, mir, paqe, Heidi
  • From Sue, at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly 2010:
    I just had someone come to the booth and tell me that when the GA group went to participate in the gay pride activities this afternoon, they sang "Keep on Moving Forward" the entire walk over.
  • From Avery:
    Hi, Pat and Sandy!
    I wanted to let you know that today at my school, the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA), we had a guest artist, Dave Eggers (author of What Is The What, Zeitoun, and co-writer of the Where The Wild Things Are movie). It was a really fun experience for all of us there, and it was even more exciting when he was joined by Jonathan Demme, the Academy Award-winning director of Silence of the Lambs, Rachel Getting Married, and countless other films. I noticed almost right away that he was wearing one of your "Peace, Salaam, Shalom" buttons! I didn't have a chance to talk to him and ask him about it but I wanted to let you know!
  • From Richard & Edie:
    Our children go to Lerner Jewish Day School in Durham NC. Every Friday at the end of the day, there is a "Shabbat sing-a-long" with the entire school, and many parents also attend. Last year, we introduced your music to Hinda Lind, the Kindergarden teacher who leads the sing-a-long. Now, virtually every week, she leads everyone in singing "Peace, Salaam, Shalom". It's a nice way to end the week for 150 children, grades pre-K through 5th, as well as their teachers and parents.
  • From Katy Haberman:
    I just returned from a tour of Spain and Morocco, and I wanted you to know that on the last evening in Casablanca, our group sang,"Peace, Salaam, Shalom" to our very devout Muslim guide. After the first verse, he joined in and sang with us as we repeated it five times, one for each pillar of the Moslem faith.
  • from margi:
    thanks for your email. we really enjoyed the concert, and have often overheard the children singing your "peace, salaam, shalom" song to themselves as they play. perhaps they don't have the lyrics or tune exactly right, but what a beautiful thing!
  • from stuart:
    the ts make wonderful gifts and when i wear one amazing things, magic has happened. i was having a gelato in kawii in hawaii 2 years ago and this distinguished english gent asked me about the tee, i shared with him about emma,s revolution and the genesis of the song. he was very intrested. it was graham nash. in the mean time peace, saalam, shalom. lotttts of luv, stuart